How to Create the Perfect Atmosphere with Lighting

It is a well-known fact that different types of lighting can stimulate different moods in us. The right lighting has the ability to heighten our emotions, make us more energetic or relaxed, and has even been proven to change our appetite! So many different atmospheres can be created just by changing the way we use lighting, but we’ve decided to put together how we achieve three of the most desired; romantic, party and festive.

One of the most common auras that our clients ask us to create is romance. Perfect for weddings, lighting can easily be used to create a traditionally romantic atmosphere, through various light sources. Warm, soft lighting with a yellow or white tint is best to create this effect, as warm lighting is a proven to create a calming effect. These colour hues make everything feel cosy and intimate for your guests, helping them to get into the desired mood of the event. Classic white fairy lights give the ultimate romantic feeling and, when draped from above intertwined with voile canopies, create a dreamy setting. Alternatively, string bulb lights and glass orbs have the same effect. Candlelit lanterns are also a perfect addition to your romantic set-up. Hang them from tree branches or place them on the floor to light up a pathway, to create an enchanting fairy-tale forest feeling.


A lack of the right lighting at a party can make it go from hero to zero before your guests even walk through the door. Good lighting is so crucial to ensure the success of your party, and there are many ways you can achieve this and create a memorable atmosphere for guests. To create a dynamic party, place different lighting in different areas in your venue, to create a mood for every type of person. Coloured mood lighting is perfect to create a fun party atmosphere, as these are more interesting than plain white lights. Colours are proven to alter our emotions and feelings, with red, yellow and orange lighting being the best to boost moods. Christmas lights can be bought out again for parties too; create an illuminated canopy above the dancefloor, or use them to separate different areas of the party by dangling them to create curtains of light. Uplights can also be used to create drama and draw attention to your favourite parts of the venue, with bright neon signs adding a modern touch.


For the most wonderful time of the year, lighting can be used to give your home or business a perfectly festive atmosphere. For the traditional Christmas lovers, classic white fairy lights can be used to give a classy wintery feel. Coloured lightbulbs can also be used in place of normal white ones, to colourfully light up your home in traditional festive colours. If you need a more fun take on the festive season, flashing coloured lights, for both interior and exterior use, are guaranteed to put you in the Christmas mood. Focus lights and spotlights can be used to bring winter scenes to life, and create a feature piece within the venue. To make an area feel even more homely, lighted fireplaces and candlelight a gorgeously warm and cosy wintery feel, perfect for Christmas.

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