Five ways to decorate your home using fairy lights!

People have been decorating with fairy lights for hundreds of years, now we have fairy lights in pretty much any colour, size and length. People use these to decorate their homes not only at Christmas but for many other occasions such as Halloween, birthdays and even summer garden parties.

Here we discover the five different ways you can use fairy lights to make your home even more magical this year:

  1. Fairy lights are a great way of displaying photographs or cards. Many of us read our birthday or Christmas cards and then recycle them days later. A lot of time is taken to write and choose a specific card, and many feature stunning illustrations or funny phrases so why not make a feature of these amongst the twinkling lights you already have around the room.Fairy Lights
  2. Hosting a dinner party but don’t have any table decorations? Fairy lights to the rescue! Fill a glass ornament, such as a vase or an empty jam jar, with fairy lights arranging them in or around the ornament to create a pretty and simple centrepiece. At Christmas, this simple idea can be transformed by weaving fairy lights throughout a jar of baubles.
  3. Scene shadowbox, these are so cool! Shadowboxes allow you to create your own scenery, so if you were having a birthday party with a theme or creating your own winter wonderland for Christmas, these are ideal and so simple. Believe me, I am no good at DIY! But all you need are photo frames, fairy lights and decorations. Look how amazing this one looks, come on try it yourself!
  4. This idea has become more and more popular within the last couple of months. Create your own decorations for a particular party or a drinks reception by adding fairy lights to your favourite bottle of drink; it can be, gin, prosecco or wine. You simply need a bottle and some lights with a corkscrew as a lid! These look fantastic and always brighten up the party especially in the summer when you are all sat around the garden table together, they really set the mood.
  5. Brighten up an old box, in my opinion wooden ones look really cool to create an Autumn feel you can really get creative and add leaves, pine cones and even small pumpkins if you wanted to get a bit more festive! They look so magical and can make a nice addition to a patio or front porch.
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