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Christmas might seem like it’s a long way away, but now is the perfect time to start planning your commercial Christmas lighting and decorations. If you are still undecided about decorating your business this Christmas, here we will cover some of the benefits of hiring Lumiere Events professional lighting and decorating service to transform your venue.


Emphasize Your Brand
Your Christmas decorations can help communicate your brand values to prospective and existing customers. Brands that want to express their deep-rooted historic values can make use of traditional decorations and simple lighting features to provide a sense of elegance. Alternatively, brands renowned for their quirkiness or innovation can take advantage of more extravagant decorations to produce spectacular creative displays. Whatever your brand, our creative team can help you produce displays to complement it this Christmas.

Philomena's Christmas Decorations in London

Become the Talk of the Town
Social media has become a must-have for 21st century businesses to communicate with clients and customers. Impressive Christmas displays can help you gain greater attention online, particularly if you encourage people to take photos and tag the company when they post. This is an excellent way to get people talking about your business. Furthermore, if you establish a reputation for having new and exciting decorations each year, you may see people return specifically to see the new displays.

Christmas decorations are an opportunity to demonstrate your business’s creativity, as displays can be crafted to suit a range of styles, preferences and budgets. Of course, if you need help planning the design of your displays, a professional lighting and decorating service can be extremely useful. If your business is hoping to dazzle with your decorations this year, please get in contact to arrange a visit to discuss some creative ideas.

Christmas decorations – Bushey and Richmond Park – 5/12/19


Although Christmas lights and decorations are stunning once installed, they can be time consuming to put up. With our professional lighting and decorating service, this is one less thing that you need to worry about during the hectic run up to Christmas. With pre-booked installation and removal slots, our talented team can create your spectacular display at a time that is convenient for you.

Attract Visitors
Lighting and decorations can help you stand out from your neighbours and create a welcoming atmosphere, attracting more attention from potential visitors. Investments into Christmas decorations can therefore help increase footfall into your business, leading to a potential increase in sales and revenue.

For more information about the commercial Christmas lighting options that Lumiere Events can provide for your business this Christmas, please contact us here.