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Halloween offers us the perfect opportunity to embrace all things spooky and dress our homes like something out of a horror movie without upsetting the neighbours! Celebrities lead the way for the latest trends, party and decorative inspiration, (some being more affordable than others).

Pumpkins, pumpkins and more pumpkins; the iconic Halloween staple. Early Irish immigrants in the United States created the tradition of making a “jack-o’-lantern” at Halloween, originally intended to scare away evil spirits and protect them. The likes of Heidi Klum, The Beckhams and Kardashians were all photographed with an abundance of pumpkins last year, in all shapes and sizes.  Intricately carved, some spray painted in bold metallics, others tailored to complement the interior of the home and a few simply left unaltered for a more organic feel.

Reality tv favourites, The Kardashians are notorious for their seasonal decorating, most famously Halloween. Last year, Kim Kardashian-West decorated her $60 million home with an enormous spider covering the façade and cobwebs lining the interior. In the spirit of sisterly competition, billionaire Kylie Jenner hosted a Halloween bash adorned with thousands of pumpkins and fake spiders (not huge ones like her sister). Jenner showed off the spooky décor that filled the mansion on Instagram, including a haunted-looking black tree, a skeleton “playing” a cobweb covered piano, a witch in the fireplace, and even a “Broom Check,” where witches could hang their rides as they arrived.

An exuberant new fashion season is born, with costumes from Kendall Jenner as an Austin Powers Fem-Bot to Heidi Klum as Fiona from Shrek. There are no “basic witches” here! They wore these elaborate costumes to the most extravagant parties, which are adorned with the most fabulous lights and decorations that money can buy.

Last year, Halloween was not celebrated as we usually do, for obvious reasons. However, this year I hope to see witches, wizards and their spectacular ghoul-friends parading the streets bounty hunting amongst well decorated properties although I’m not expecting to encounter a giant spider lurking on John Doe’s semi down the road.

If you are looking to liven up your home with decorations and lights joining in the fun this year, please contact us.